2nd International Conference on p-Adic Mathematical Physics

15 - 21 September 2005, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Conference Programme

     Contributions to the following topics are scheduled:

  • p-adic and adelic quantum theory:   quantum mechanics, quantum cosmology, string and field theory

  • p-adic classical theory:   classical mechanics and field theory, dynamical systems, information theory

  • p-adic stochastic processes

  • p-adic methods in complex systems:   spin glasses, hierarchical, disordered and chaotic systems, molecular dynamics, cognitive systems

  • p-adic and adelic symmetries:   p-adic generalization of spacetime and other symmetries in physics, adelic formulas, number field invariance

  • p-adic mathematical physics and related topics:   functional analysis and spectral theory, group and representation theory, algebraic geometry and motives, number theory and zeta functions, nonstandard analysis, noncommutative geometry, nonlinear and nonlocal field theory, ...

Titles and abstracts of the talks


S. Albeverio, A. Yu. Khrennikhov, V. M. Shelkovich

p-Adic Schrödinger equation with singular potentials

M. Altaisky Geometric approach to operator ordering in p-adic quantum field theory
V. Anashin Ergodic transforms of the space of p-adic integers
I. Aref'eva p-adic-stringy Models of Cosmological Dark Energy
M. Avdispahic On functional equations and explicit formulas for the fundamental class of functions
V. A. Avetisov Ultrametricity in the origin of life and evolution
A. Bogojevic, A. Balaz, A. Belic The Use of Path Integral Ideals
C. Castro On Geometric Probability, Holography, Shilov Boundaries and the Four Physical Coupling Constants of Nature
S. Gurevich, R. Hadani Formulation of the Kurlberg-Rudnick rate conjecture
S. Gurevich, R. Hadani Proof of the Kurlberg-Rudnick rate conjecture
N. De Grande-De Kimpe p-adic sequence spaces and applications
B. Dragovich p-Adic and Adelic Cosmology
P. Freund p-Adic Strings and Their Applications
H. Furusho p-Adic KZ equation and p-adic multiple zeta value
H. Glockner Ultrametric invariant manifolds and applications
N. Grbac On the Residual Spectrum of the Hermitian Quaternionic Group of Split Rank 2
M. Hanzer Unitary dual of hermitian quaternionic groups
S. Haran Elements of Non-Additive Geometry
H. Kaneko Capacities and function spaces on local field
A. Khrennikov Review of development of p-adic dynamical systems and their applications in physics and cognitive sciences
A. Yu. Khrennikhov, V. M. Shelkovich

Tauberian theorems for p-adic distributions and asymptotics of p-adic oscillating singular integrals

A. Kochubei Umbral Calculus and Holonomic Modules in Positive Characteristic
S. V. Kozyrev Ultrametric wavelets and spectral analysis
K. Lukierska-Walasek, K. Topolski Random walk on p-adics in hierarchical systems
N. Mainetti Ultrametric Gelfand Transforms
H. Menken, K. Mamadov On curves whose coordinates are p-adic U-numbers
Z. Mijajlovic, M. Milosevic, A. Perovic Infinitesimals in nonstandard analysis versus infinitesimals in p-adic fields
M. D. Missarov, R. G. Stepanov Comparison of ε-expansions in the Euclidean and p-adic models
F. Mukhamedov On p-adic Potts model with competing interactions on the Cayley tree
F. Murtagh From data to the physics using ultrametrics: new results in high dimensional data analysis
D. Prokhorenko The Poisson summation formula and the p-adic Gauss integrals
A. Radyna Approximation on a group of discrete adeles
Y. Radyna, Y. Radyno Trace formulas and multiplying distributions on adeles
U. Rozikov On p-adic Gibbs measures of a p-adic Λ-model on Cayley tree
W. Schikhof Barrelledness of p-adic spaces of strictly differentiable functions
abstract, paper
G. Shabat, V. Dremov, P. Vytnova On the chaotic properties of quadratic maps over non-archimedean fields
P. Sorba A crystal base model for the genetic code and its applications to genomics
R. G. Stepanov Renormalization group in 2N-component fermionic hierarchical model
L. Taelman, M. van der Put Complex and p-adic local differential equations
J. Q. Trelewicz, I. V. Volovich Analysis of Business Connections Utilizing Theory of Topology of Random Graphs
A. S. Trushechkin, I. V. Volovich Classical and Quantum Cryptography and Number Theory
F. Vivaldi Round-off errors and p-adic numbers


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